Red Light Bird EP (US Bandcamp Release)

by PixelRust



Released by Pink Dolphin Music Ltd.
Also available here along with CD:

"Another slice of melodic dance music from the USA's PixelRust on this 6 track EP. His style moves forward from his previous GreenRunners EP showing a greater depth and maturity."


released August 11, 2017


all rights reserved



PixelRust Atlanta, Georgia

I create electronic music that draws influence from everything from past and current trends regarding the genre to rock, hip hop, and more. I do this with the mindset that there is more to good music than just catchy hooks, pounding beats, and top 40 mainstream status. ... more

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Track Name: Table tennoS
I'm not one to break the laws of physics
But I'm not one to fake the caws of crows
Rather tame, much like you find in death rows
Much like my business, these crimes are denounced
Like they are mentally renounced, found,
Tension continues to thicken, cooked chicken
Tender like tinder, always delicious
Patience now thin, what did I just read?
There was no ending, meaning, or any kind of clue,
Says the elitist running down the avenue
Pitchfork in hand, InGeNious but naive
I'm admittedly a rookie, but I still have pet peeves
But laughing at jokes about Keanu Reeves
And cares less, pulling out the blue capsules

Let's play some table tennos
Say it backwards
Track Name: The Snake
Severus heads, Mr. Snake
So we can eat your cake

An apple a day, all the doctors escaping after tasting my (sssss)
Taylor Swift, your bad blood, faces her drift, have fun before (sssss)
Incredibly Deadly Viper, inevitably wrong, mother--(sssss)
You know who I seek, you did me weak, give me thanks (sssss)

'Cause I'm the snake
I'll bite your neck
'Cause my floors might look cool in red
Don't judge your fate
I'll tear (teer) you up
before I tear (tare) you down, down, down...

Piggy banks, piggy backs
Digging dogs poked by tacks all
Which I have in you, all senses struggling
'Cause I love digging too (sssss)
'Cause it's fun, I'm pathetic
Enough to eat lunch for you
Tactical nukes are practical
And I'll be on you like narcotics
(He seems nice! Who told you that?)
Factual evidence and periodicals
Track Name: Beats Like Thunder
15 clocks are broke, forever famous
my army lowered, croaked, Expelliarmus
To you too, Make do lad
So mad you can't ask to clash
We can start a band and get some fans
But war will find a way into that metaphorical cave

Waste time like few dollars trill
Baseline grew like overkill
Blast the budget like NASA
But watch out for that bad
Beast like thunder!

Raiju's returned, runts!

Prior to our final recital, we fall into desired denial, black MIDI
Like everything gone for, call into the jaws of a rancor, Jabba's commander
Never tampers with these timbres, appealing more to banker whores
A hundred doors, a puzzle day
Give up, be dead, or find the key to unlock the door of a Kia/IKEA
Because I love the leather seats
But war has hit that cave, so I had to hit the switch, checkout
The figures whom walk that space
Man, I never eat peas on the ISS on a grave in a crying shame
By all of these new waves, why stay the same?

Welcome to long haul again
I'm wrong, I wipe minds clean
Of all the BS they believe
But they will never hear
Beats like thunder!
Track Name: Bear Party
It's quite the complication to evoke a revolution in our nation, it'll bite the dust before it rusts
If you're pissed to the core, then get on the web, 'cause when you're on the ebb, move up the graph a half step more
Whole-step it up with a brand new goal: throw the best party
Plan all the details, bring all the females
Nothing's gonna flow if it goes off the rails

It's a bit of a hard sell to ban affair parleys
Visit the URL to plan a bear party
Robert and Chester are out to score some Burnie
Somber, no lesser, they missed a fun party
We'll have a bear party
It's not like any party
We swear it's not malarkey

Now look, young man, don't call from the copse
Don't surmise Pooh, or Paddy or Lennox
Took a pick of Dirty Dan, pinned his head to a desktop
Chewing a slice of terry like it's an epidemic
Awestruck, showing off the spa truck, wishing for good luck, saying, "what a flunk!"
Miles of junk food put us in a crunk mood
Fries an lines of Cheeto dust across the room

It's a bit of a hard sell to ban affair parleys
Visit the URL to plan a bear party
Robert and Chester are out to score some Burnie
Somber, no lesser, they missed a fun party
They'll have a bear party
It's not like any party
They swear it's not malarkey

I'll make it extra hearty and cook up a bear party
Invite your friends and family and they'll know more about me
And have a bear party, start up a bear party
It's gonna get real cloudy if they ask if it's malarkey

Because it is ;)

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